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Old News

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2012/13 News Quiz articles


For FINAL News Quiz #27, Wednesday, May 15:

Small Group Readings - Bring notes 

1)  synthesize the main points of the article - 1 to 2 min

2)  give your opinion on the article

3)  note questions the article raises for you 

do all this in 2  to 4 minutes

Pivoting from a war footing, Obama acts to curtail drones, Peter Baker, New York Times, May 23, 2013

Gingrich calls Obama’s terrorism speech ‘just stunningly, breathtakingly naive’, Jeff Poor, The Daily Crawler, May 26

The Following 4 short articles are from The Week (May 24) Chris will hand out hard copiues of these articles in class on Tuesday:

Pakistan: A democratic milestone

Turkey wants our help with Syria

Climate change: An ominomous milestone

Millennials:  the most selfish generation


For News Quiz #26, Wednesday, May 15:

Small Group Readings - Bring notes 

1)  synthesize the main points of the article - 1 to 2 min

2)  give your opinion on the article

3)  note questions the article raises for you 

do all this in 2  to 4 minutes

This Ain't Yogurt, Thomas Friedman, New York Times, May 5, 2013

What does 'Sexual Coercion' say about a society?,  Shankar Vedantam, NPR, May 10, 2013

Is Pakistani's Army Ready to See Democracy Take Hold, NPR, May 10, 2013

Pakistani Women Still Struggle for a Voice in Pakistani Politics, Julie McCarthy, NPR, May 9, 2013

Interview with Anchee Min, NPR, May 12, 2013

Critical Thinking in Bhutan, Chris Sperry's blog - final entry, Feb. 4, 2012



For News Quiz #25, Wednesday, May 8:

Small Group Readings - Bring notes 

1)  synthesize the main points of the article - 1 to 2 min

2)  give your opinion on the article

3)  note questions the article raises for you 

do all this in 2  to 4 minutes

If you can not access any of these see the email Chris sent with readings attached

Worker Safety in Bangladesh and Beyond, New York Times EDITORIAL, May 5, 2013

Where's My Ghost Money?, Oais, Akbar Omar, New York Times, May 5, 2013

What is a good lIfe?, Atlantic Magazine, February 16, 2013

Obama, failing on moral leadership?,  Frida Ghitis, CNN, May 4, 2013

Timeline:  Israeli attacks on Syrian targets, Read MAY 5th & 3rd entries, Al Jazeera, May 5, 2013

Japan Tsunami Anniversary: Elaine Kurtenbach,  Huffington Post,  March 11, 2013



For News Quiz #24, Wednesday, May 1:

Small Group Readings - Bring notes 

1)  synthesize the main points of the article - 1 to 2 min

2)  give your opinion on the article

3)  note questions the article raises for you 

do all this in 2  to 4 minutes

If you can not access any of these see the email Chris sent with readings attached

When Revenge Isn't the Right Answer, Sunil Dutta, Newsweek, May 3, 2004

Slums Into Malls, Nicholas Krsitof, New York Times, May 29, 2011

Judgment Not Included, Thomas Friedman, New York Times, April 28, 2013

Silver Fox' Pink Slip, Maureen Dowd, New York Times, April 28, 2013

Islamic Rebels Create Dilemma on Syrian Policy, Ben Hubbard, New York Times, April 28, 2013

The Case Against Intervention in Syria, Fareed Zakaria, Time, June 11, 2012



For News Quiz #23, Friday April 26:

Small Group Readings - Bring notes 

1)  synthesize the main points of the article - 1 to 2 min

2)  give your opinion on the article

3)  note questions the article raises for you 

do all this in 2  to 4 minutes

Conflicting Truths: The Bosnian War, History Today, Nick Hawton, April 20, 2013,  

Lessons Learned in Bosnia - CNN, April 5, 2012 - video interview looking at post war reconstruction

Bosnian War - Wikipedia, Read the one-page Summary - also handed out in class

Sweden's Closet Racists, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, New York Times, April 21, 2013

What we know about Chechnya, Erick Lohr, CNN, Sat. April 20, 2013

For Chinese Women: Marriage Depends on Right 'Bride Price', Louisa Lim, NPR, April 23, 2013



For News Quiz #22, Friday April 19:

Small Group Readings - Bring notes 

1)  synthesize the main points of the article - 1 to 2 min

2)  give your opinion on the article

3)  note questions the article raises for you 

do all this in 2  to 4 minutes

Yes, Trade Brings Freedom. Except When it Doesn't, David Sanger, New York Time, May 28, 2000 (NOTE the date - was he right?)

Inside North Korea's gulag, Blane Hardin, NPR, March 29, 2012 

The Ghosts of Afghanistan's Past, William Dalrymple, New York Times, April 14, 2013

China's Economy Still Strong, Steven Rattner, New York Times, July 11, 2011

China's Shaky Economic Foundation, Joshua Muldavin, New York Times, December 30, 2011

Israel's fading democracy, Avraham Burg, New York Times, August 5, 2012



For News Quiz #2i, Wednesday April 10:

Cycle 4 News Quiz Format Change:  Beginning this week news quizzes will assess BOTH your knowledge of the current events reported on the brief articles on the class handouts AND your ability to summarize, analyze, and ask questions about the 6 longer articles that will be posted on OxFeed and/or handed out in class.  

Come prepared to do the following for all 6 articles in no less than 2 minutes and no more than 4 min in small groups.  Bring notes 

1)  synthesize the main points of the article - 1 to 2 min

2)  give your opinion on the article

3)  note questions the article raises for you 

do all this in 2  to 4 minutes

Life After Oil and Gas,  Elizabeth Rosenthal, New York Times,  March 24, 2013

Its Loose-Loose vs. Win-Win-Win-Win-Win,Thomas Friedman, New York Times, March 17, 2013 

Where ‘Jasmine’ Means Tea, Not a Revolt, Andrew Jacobs, New York TimesApril 3, ‘11

A Disaster in the Making: China needs cleaner, greener growth,  Rana Foroohar, Newsweek

Over a Barrel: a new age of cheap oil could undo the green revolution, Bryan Walsh, Time, July 16, ‘12,

Read also - on handout: 
 China still needs to face its own history. Fred Hiatt, Washington Post


For News Quiz #20, Friday March 8:

Extra Credit - turn in answers to all the questions in red before taking the news quiz    

Hamid Karzai reigns in US forces - The Week, 2/25/13 - What did Karzai decide and Why?  What does it suggest about the US war in Afghanistan?

China: The Orient Express - Al Jazeera, 2/21/13 - What does the article suggest about China's move from Marxism to capitalism?

Britain's Hague calls Assad "delusional" - Al Jazeera, 3/3/13 - What did Assad mean by "We don't expect an arsonist to be a firefighter"?

What Secretary Kerry won's see in Qatar - Huffington Post, 3/4/13 - According to this blog, what won't Kerry see in Qatar?

US, Saudi Arabia warns Syria as Kerry visits Middle East - Washington Post, 3/3/13 - What is King Faud's positions on Syria and Iran?

US Secretary holds surprise talks in Saudi Arabia - Daily News - Who did Kerry meet with in Saudi Arabia and what did they talk about?

Obama plans to visit Israel this spring - New York Times, 2/5/13 - On March 20 (the day of the debates) Obama will visit Israel.  According to the article what is the purpose of his visit?

OPTIONAL (except for Marlena, Paloma, Erszebeth, Adrianne, and Miranda) - To Achieve Middle East Peace, Suspend Disbelief -  New York Times, 3/3/13 - What would be your character's response to Dennis Ross's 14 point peace plan?

Russians divided over remembering Stalin - BBC, 3/5/13 - What does ____ suggest is the main reason why Stalin is still revered by many Russians?


For News Quiz #19, Friday March 1:

Extra Credit - turn in answers to all the questions in red before taking the news quiz    


Syrian rebels, secular and Islamic both claim the future- NPR, 2/26/13 - Who are the Salafists and what do they want for Syria?

Demonstrators in West Bank protest imprisonment of Palestinians - NPR, 2/26/13 - According to the article, what is the opinion of the Palestinians to having a 3rd Intifada?

Hezbollah occupying areas of Syria, rebels claim - Times of Israel, 2/24/13 -  According to the Syrian National Council, what role is  Iran and Hezbollah playing in the Syrian civil war?

Egyptian opposition leader calls for election boycott - CNN, 2/25/13 -  Who is Mohammed  ElBaradei andwhat is his views onthe upcoming Egyptian parliamentary elections?

Iran nuclear crisis: talks open in Kazakhstan - BBC, 2/25/13 - Who is meeting in Kazakhstan this week to discuss Iran's nuclear program?

What's next for Syria in 2013? - CNN, 1/3/13 - What does the article say is the likely future of the Assad regime?  Will extremists Islamists take over?  What will Syria need to move on?

African leaders sign Congo peace deal - CNN, 2/25/13 - What does the peace deal intend to accomplish?



For News Quiz #18, Friday February 22:

Extra Credit - turn in answers to all the questions in red before taking the news quiz    
Pakistan's Shia's agree to bury their dead - al Jazeera, 2/19/13 - What was the protest about and what did the Hazara's want?

UN finds decrease in Afghan civilian deaths - al Jazeera, 2/19/12 - Explain what civilian death tolls are going down and which are going up in Afghanistan.

The Oscar for Best Fabrication - Maureen Dowd, New York Times, 2/17/20 - What is Maureen Dowd's lesson about historical films?

Russia steps up Syria evacuations of nationals, Egypt Independent, 2/19/13 - What are the implications of Russia's evacuation of its citizens from Syria?

Israeli PM:  North Korean Nuke test is a lesson on Iran - the Miama Herald, 2/19/13 - What is Netanyahu's lesson?


For News Quiz #17, Wednesday February 13:

Extra Credit - turn in answers to all the questions in red before taking the news quiz    
Sexual assault in Rural India - NPR 2/8/13 - What cultural and social systems contribute to the epidemic of gang rape in India?

It's Not Easy Being Green - New York Times 2/10/13 - Explain the difference between the market driven Cap and Trade system for limiting greenhouse gas emissions and direct goveremnt regulation of carbon emissions.

Any Solution to Syria? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times, 2/10/13 - According to Friedman, what social forces are behind the conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq?

In Nigeria You're Either Somebody or Nobody - Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, New York Times, 2/10/13 - Explain what the author meant by "America today is a more civilized place than Nigeria"?

Obama's Plan to Visit the Mideast Stirs Hope, Slightly. - New York Times, 2/10/13 - according to the article, why is the Obama visit to the Middle East not likely to result in a Israeli/Palestinian peace agreement?



For News Quiz #16, Friday February 8:

Extra Credit - turn in answers to all the questions in red before taking the news quiz    
The CIA and the Hazards of Middle East Forecasting - NPR 2/4/13 - What have recently released CIA documents shown us about the US intelligence on the 1973 Arab Israeli War?

Cambodians find inspiration in late king  - Al Jazeera, 2/4/13 - Who was Norodom Sihanouck?

UK confirms finding Richard III's skeleton - al Jazeera, 2/4/13 - Who was Richard the III and why is he in the news today?

Israeli forces arrest Hamas members in the West Bank  - BBC, 2/4/13 - Who was arrested, where, by whom and why?

President Assad accused Israel of destabilizing Syria - BBC, 2/4/13 - according to the article, why did Israel bomb Syria?

Syrian opposition leader urges Assad to negotiate  - BBC, 2/4/13 - What does the offer of negotiations with the Assad regime by the head of the Syrian National Council suggest about the status of the conflict in Syria?


For News Quiz #15, Friday February 1:

Extra Credit - turn in answers to all the questions in red before taking the news quiz    
Jihadist Surge in North Africa Reveals Grim Side of Arab Spring - New York Times 1/19 - According to the article, how did the Arab Spring uprising in Libya lead to Jihadist gains in North Africa (Mali and Algeria)?

Why Syrians are turning to extreemism - BBC, 1/17/13 - According to this article why are Syria's Islamic Jidadsts from the al Nusri Front taking leadership in the civil war?

Interview - Israeli Settler Movement - Two-state solution a 'mirage" -  BBC 1/16 -

Interview - Israeli President Shimon Peres - Two-state solution  'still on the table" -  BBC 1/16 - Describe the different views on the future of the two state solution (Palestine and Israel existing side by side in peace) from the Israeli Settler movement and Israeli President Shimon Peres .

Is Delhi so different from Stubenville? - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, 1/13 - According to Kristof how is Stubenville (Ohio) similar to Delhi (India)  in its approach to women' rights?

Obama's next foreign policy battle - Joe Kline, Time, 1/14 - What are the issues Joe Kline sees as critical in the fight over Obama's nomination of Chuck Hagel as the next Secretary of State?


For the last News Quiz of Cycle 2 - Tuesday January 15

Extra Credit - turn in answers to all the questions in red before taking the news quiz on Friday   

A Swell of Elections in Post-Arab Spring Middle East Interview with Robin Wright - What does Robin Wright suggest this year will bring to each of the following nations:  Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Iran?  How has the Arab Spring changed the US role in the Middle East?

End Culture of Rape in 2013 - Lauren Wolfe, CNN, 1/2 - What does Wolfe suggest is the main reason behind rape?  What does she want done about it?

With U.S. Set to Leave Afghanistan, Echoes of 1989 - NY Times, 1/1 - What are the similarities between the Soviet role in Afghanistan in the 1980s and the US role in Afghanistan today? 

Letter from Syria, Thomas Friedman, New York Times 12/1 - What is Friedman's fear about the future of the Middle East?

On Multiple Fronts, Russian Jews Reshape Israel - NPR, 1/2 (listen to at least 4 min.) - how have Jewish immigrants from the former USSR reshaped Israel?


For the News Quiz Friday Dec. 21

Extra Credit - turn in answers to all the questions in red before taking the news quiz on Friday   
gypt: The Next India or Pakistan?  Thomas Friedman, New York Times 12/16 - What does Friedman mean by the title of the article?

Qatar is Tiny and Rich and it's Angling for Influence - Time Magazine 12/24 - Why does tiny Qatar have so much influence in the Arab world?  How has it used its influence?

North Korea Launches Satellite into Orbit  Al Jazeera 12/14 - What were the responses from North Korea, China, Japan and the US?

Egypt "narrowly backs" charter in first round  Al Jazeera 12/16 - What is the status Saturday's vote on the proposed constitution for Egypt?

Tunisians pay tribute to Mohamed Bouazizi ITV 12/17 - Who was Mohamed Bouazizi?




For the News Quiz Friday December 14
xtra Credit - turn in answers to all the questions in red before taking the news quiz on Friday  

World Bank Issues Alarming Climate Change Report - NPR 12/7 - What are the WTO's alarming concerns?

Rebels Making Gains in Syria Conflict - NPR 12/9 - What is the current situation in the civil war in Syria?

Climate talks end with agreement to extend Kyoto Pact - Boston Globe 12/9 - What decisions came out of the Doha talks on climate change?

Egypt's Morsi rescinds Controversial decree - what is the current situation in the civil conflict in Egypt?


For the News Quiz Wednesday December 5

Where the Past is Not Prologue: Turmoil is a constant in the Middle East but the region is strengthening - Time magazine Dec. 10 - Fareed Zakaria opinion - summarize Zakaria's views of the current strategic position of Israel, Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Iran in the Middle East.  How does he characterize the overall change inthe region since 1980?

Dividing the West Bank, and Deepening a Rift - NY Times, 12/1 - What is the likely result of Israel's settlement building?

Arafat's body exhumed, tested for poison - CNN, 11/27 -Who is Arafat and why is he in the news 8 years after his death?

Global Warming & Climate Change - NY Times, 12/2 - read the first 12 parragraphs - What is the current status of greenhouse emissions globally?

From India, Pressure on Ireland Over Abortion Laws - NY Times - 11/16

Enrique Pena Nieto takes oath of office as Mexico's president amid riots, vows to restore order - NY Daily News - 12/2


For News Quiz Friday Nov. 30 

Use these sources or others to get background knowledge on this month's war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza

EXTRA CREDIT - 10% - turn in brief answer to the questions in red before the quiz 

Is Peace Possible - Scholastic - a brief history of the Arab Israeli conflict - What are the roots of this month's war in Gaza?

Gaza-Israel Conflict - Wikipedia 11/25 - Read opening summary and 2012 Events - What happened in the war?

Analysis: Conflict shifts balance of Power in the Middle East - CNN 11/22 - Who is Mohamed Morsi and what was his role?

Israel and Hamas both claim victory - CNN 11/22 - 1 min video- Who is Binyamin Netanyahu?  Who is Ismail Haniyeh

More casualties reported overnight in Gaza - AlJazeera 11/21 - watch the 2 min. video - What is the bias here?

Why was there war in Gaza? - National Review opinion 11/22 - What is the bias here? 

Protesters to Morsy: Roll back your decree or leave -CNN -11/27


For News Quiz the week of Nov. 12 - Read or listen to the NPR reports on China and be prepared to answer the questions in red.

A Grim Chronicle of China's Great Famine - NPR - What was the Great Leap Forward?

In China a Ceaseless Quest to to Silence Dissent - NPR - Give three descriptions of China's civil liberties concerns.

Who Picks Better Leaders: China or the US? - NPR - What are the reasons supporting each system of picking leaders?

Far Right Greek Party Rides Wave of Economic Anger - NPR - How is Greece's situation similar to Germany in the 1930's?


For News Quiz the Week of October 29th

Qatar accuses Syrian government of genocide after failed truce - CNN -10/30

Former Chinese Diplomat Says U.S. is Using Japan to Make Gains in Asia  - New York Times -10/30

Bahrain Bans All Protests in New Crackdown - New York Times -10/30

U.S.: Iraqi audit points to huge money laundering -The Ithaca Journal -10/30

Bloomberg Backs Obama, Citing Fallout From Storm - New York Times -11/1


For News Quiz the Week of October 22:

Watch the Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy - by Wednesday morning

Lebanon tense after blast kills security chief -al Jazeera - 10/20



For News Quiz the Week of October 15th:

As Teen Recovers from Taliban Hit, Pakistanis Demand Answers  - CNN - 10/15

Attack on Pakastani Schoolgirl Galvinizes anti-Taliban Feeling - CNN - 10/16

Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, Libya, Attack: 'I Take Responsibility'  - Huffington Post - 10/15

Cuban Missile Crisis 50 Years Later - NPR - 10/16/12 - listen to 5 min radio "Hear This"

New deal could lead to Scotland's independence from UK - CNN - 10/15/12

Cambodian former King Norodom Sihanouk dis age 89 - BBC - 10/15/12 - watch short video

Karadzic calls himself "tolerant", says foes plotted massacres - CNN - 10/16/12 - read article


For News Quiz the Weeks of October 8th:

Onion's (satirical) Ahmadinejad article fools Iranian news agency - Huffington Post - 9/28

Climate Change Takes a Bite Out of Global Food Supply - IPS - 9/29

Bo decision allows China to focus on succession - USA Today - 9/28 - read first 8 paragraphs

Venezuela Election - Hugo Chavez Declared Winner - ABC - 10/7

Turkish president says 'worst case scenario' in Syria becoming a reality - CNN - 10/8


2011/2012 News Quizzes

For News Quiz Wednesday May 9

Hollande defeats Sarkozy in French presidential race, Los Angles Times, May 6, 2012

Muslim Women in India Seek Gender Equality in Marriage,  Nilanjana S. Roy, New York Times, April 24, 2012

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way, by Thomas Friedman, Thomas Friedman, New York Times, May 6, 2012 

Iran and Israel must both work for a nuclear-free Middle East, Dr. Kate Hudson, Al Jazeera, April, 2012

U.S. to Step Up Drone Strikes Inside Yemen, Eric Schmitt, New York Times, April 25, 2012

Chen's Final Escape, Philip P. Pan, New York Times, May 6, 2012


For News Quiz Wednesday April 25 

 How India Became America, By Akash Kapur, New York Times: March 9, 2012

Why China’s Political Model Is Superior, By Eric X. Li, New York Times Feb. 16, 2012

Can Egypt Avoid Pakistan’s Fate?, By Michelle Dunn & Shuja Nawaz, New York Times Feb. 3, 2012

Arranged marriages make comeback in Japan, By David Milward, The Telegraph, April 16,  2012  

Netanyahu must stop hiding behind Holocaust warnings, Haaretz.com, April 22, 2012

Why Trees Matter, By Jim Robbins, New York Times April 11, 2012      


For News Quiz Wednesday April 4

Aung San Suu Kyi 'wins landslide landmark election - Telegraph

Brotherhood to Run for Egypt's Presidency - Al Jazeera


For News Quiz Tuesday March 13

Japan Marks Quake and Tsunami Anniversary  BBC - read brief article

Afghans Killed in Rampage by US Soldier - Al Jazeera (read brief article)

Air Strikes and Rockets Erupting over Gaza - NPR Sunday March 11

Putin wins in Russia - Mail (British) - Read headlines - the rest optionl

Is Iran's Khamenei flitting with the "Great Satan"? - CNN News Analysis

Willing to accept a nuclear Iran - NPR interview

Netanyahu Talks Tough in Obama Iran Meeting - BBC - read article - videos optional

OPTIONAL: videos from Homes Syria - 11 min. Graphic.



For News Quiz Friday March 2

Hamas Ditches Assad - Backs Syrian Revolt - Reuters (from Vanessa)

Will Quran Burnings in Afghanistan Speed US Withdrawal?  - NPR - listen to Quill Lawrence interview

Syria Holds Vote on New Constitution - Al Jazeera - watch video
Seneglese Youth Demand Change - Al Jazeera - watch video


For News Quiz Friday Feb.  17

Greek Protesters Rally Against Drastic Cuts - NPR - 4.5 min.

Freedom at 4 Below - New York Times Op-Ed by Thomas Friedman - submitted by Gabe



For News Quiz week of Feb. 6

Egypt threatens prosecution of Americans  - Christian Science Monitor - read first page -

US closes embassy in Syria - Al Jazeera - watch video

Abbas to head Palestinian unity government - Al Jazeera - read article


For News Quiz week of Jan. 30

False Flag - ForeignPolicy - Read first page

Chinese Premier Wen takes aim at land seizures - Reuters

Israel flunks nuclear safety test, but ranks above Iran and North Korea - Haaretz

Iran warns Gulf Arabs on oil - AssociatedPress - This link was apparently broken, I apologize for the delay in getting it fixed.

Wait and Sea - TheEconomist

Iran calls for Israel to be "punished" - Reuters

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal 'to step down' - BBC

Egypt's Islamist parties win elections to parliament - BBC



For News Quiz week of Jan. 9

Seoul Searching: Germans Give pep Talks on Korean Unification - Der Spiegel (German newsmagazine) - First page is required, the rest is interesting but optional.

As Syria unravels, prices soar for guns, grenades, and RPGs - Christian Science Monitor (American publication, owned by a church) - read both pages

Iran death sentence for 'CIA spy' Amir Mirzai Hekmati - BBC

China planning military base in Pakistan, Indian report says - GlobalPost

Islamist parties lead Egypt polls - AlJazeera (Arab newspaper)


Optional: Grim Toll As Cocaine Trade Expands in Honduras - Pulitzer Center (American news organization "dedicated to supporting the independent international journalism that U.S. media organizations are increasingly less able to undertake.")




For News Quiz week of Jan. 3

Egypt bans forced virginity tests by military - AlJazeera (Arab News)

Arab Monitors in Syrian flashpoint towns - AlJazeera

Peres urges Israelis to protest against religious extremism - Haaretz (Israeli paper)

Israeli female soldier accosted for rebuffing Haredi bus segregation - Haaretz

Iran Backs Off Threat to Close Strait of Hormuz - Fox News


OPTIONAL (will not be on the news quiz)

Iran Says It Has Produced Its First Nuclear Fuel Rod - NPR

Bahrain teenage protester's funeral sparks new unrest - BBC

Holocaust Survivors blast Nazi garb at protest - AP

Anger over children dressed as Holocaust victims - ABC (Australian paper)

Arab League Monitor: I saw snipers with my own eyes - Telegraph (British paper)

Arab League urged to pull monitors out of Syria amid violence - Global Pos


For news quiz week Dec. 23

Egyptian Protests - AlJazeera

Female Egyptian Protestor beaten by the Military - YouTube

Death of North Korea's Kim Jung Ill - NPR- listen to all 7 minutes for an overview of Kim's life

Videos from North Korea - Guardian - scroll down and watch the 2 videos from North Korea

Death of Czechoslovakia's Vaslav Havel -  NPR - brief radio report

One columnists analysis on  the end of the War in Iraq - Gideon Rachrman



For News Quiz Friday Dec. 16

Radio piece on Russia's Vladimir Putin and growing protests - NPR



For News Quiz week of Dec. 5

Israel to release frozen Palestinian funds - AlJazeera

Turkey imposes economic sanctions on Syria - BBC

UPDATE 1-Poland appeals to Germany to save Europe - Reuters

UK expels Iran diplomats after embassy attack - Reuters

Iran releases hardline students detained for storming British Embassy in Tehran - Washington Post

Nigerian senate passes anti-gay bill, defying British aid threat - CNN



For News Quiz week of Nov. 28

Egyptians cast ballots in post-Mubarak polls - AlJazeera

Kuwait cabinet resigns amid political crisis - AlJazeera

Kuwait government resigns - CNN

Syria troops have killed more than 250 children, UN report finds - Guardian



For News Quiz week of Nov. 21

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captured in Libya - Guardian

Britain's 'most wanted' killed in drone attack - Telegraph

Egyptians stage mass rallies against military rulers - Globalpost

Is a German 'Fourth Reich' emerging? - Globalpost

"Nobody" leads polls ahead of Greek election - Reuters



For News Quiz week of Nov. 14

Syrian soldiers defect in increasing numbers - MSNBC

IMF Chief warns Europe could push world economy into "lost decade" - Globalpost

Iran is probably building a nuclear weapon. So what now? - Globalpost

Italy's Berlusconi Agrees To Resign After Passing Austerity Bill - Forbes

Obama Prepares to host APEC summit - AlJazeera

Italy's SIlvio Berlusconi steps down as Prime Minister - CNN.com - text and video

Libya's Economy Faces New Tests After Gadhafi Era - NPR - the podcast is almost exactly the same as the article, word for word, listen to it if that's an easier format for you.



For News Quiz week of Nov. 6

Berlusconi's government close to collapse - AlJazeera 

US General fired over Afghan leader remarks - AlJazeera - I originally accidentally had this pointing to the wrong article, thanks to Jasper for pointing that out. It's fixed now.

Peter Fuller fired: Senior US officer in Afghanistan relieved from duty - Huffington Post - Again, this article covers the same topic as the previous, pay attention to what each says and doesn't say.

Mexico: Volleyball Game shooting leaves 8 dead - Huffington Post

Israel Gaza flotilla: Activists will be deported - Huffington Post

Israel gearing up for action against Afghanistan? - Foxnews, video

Slaying plunges Colombia rebels into uncertainty - USAToday




For News Quiz week of Oct. 31

France, Germany angry over Greek Bailout - Time

Turkey's Kurds long for "Kurdish Spring"  - Reuters

UNESCO votes to admit Palestine - Washington Post - Only the first page can be read by non-subscribers, that's fine.

UNESCO approves Palestinian membership bid - AlJazeera - yes, this is the same topic, read it anyway and pay attention to what the two articles say and don't say.

Fukushima plant has released record amounts of radiation - BusinessWeek

World Population hits 7 billion - Reuters, video

NATO to officially end Libya mission - CNN.com



For News Quiz week of Oct. 24

US pulls ambassador out of Syria - USAToday

Libya declares liberation - USAToday

WikiLeaks halts publication - CNN.com

Bangkok faces floods - CNN.com



For News Quiz week of Oct. 17

The Elusive Big Idea - This responds to Tivin's thought that new media may be limiting your generation's ability to focus on big ideas.

Afghan and NATO troops ramp up attacks on Haqqani - USAToday

In Sirte, snipers rule - CNN.com video

Tibetan nun sets fire to herself in protest - CNN.com

Fukushima reactors may be shut down early than planned - CNN.com



For News Quiz week of Oct. 11

Monday, October 10

Somali forces retake Al-Shabaab strongholds - CNN.com

Abbas seeks Latin American support for Palestinian bid for freedom - CNN.com

Libyan revolutionaries close to claiming Sirte - CNN.com

Iranian police chief says he will resign if controversial survey is proven - CNN.com


Saturday, October 8

Yemeni President announces he will step down - CNN.com

Pakistan may repatriate bin Laden's wives - CNN.com

Mexican Navy accuses 8 of being 'Zeta killers' - CNN.com

Libyan revolutionary forces push into Sirte - USAToday - The video doesn't add much, watch it if you have time and want to

Syrian troops fire on protesters, killing 8 - USAToday



For News Quiz week of Oct. 3

Egyptians protest Mubarak-era laws - USAToday

NATO captures Haqqani leader in Afghanistan - USAToday - Read first 6 paragraphs

Syrian Bloodshed continues - CNN.com - Read first 7 paragraphs

Medvedev cedes to Putin in Russian Presidency campaign - CNN.com

Yemeni jet mistakenly bombs army post - Yahoo News

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